Based on over 25 years of experience in professional sports, coaching, consultancy and health management: 


The personal leadership model (PLM) combines three strategies that, together, help you take the lead over your career and life.

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Tobias Mol is an experienced speaker who has inspired thousands people to take personal responsibility and leadership over their lives. Want to book Tobias for your event?

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‘HeartRoads works all the way to my core’

‘HeartRoads works all the way to my core.
During my active sports career I’ve had the pleasure to work with multiple coaches and trainers. What makes HeartRoads stand out is that they work with a solid framework that I can fall back on when needed.’

Neal van de Kamer, 20-times national champion and part of the top 10% account managers at LinkedIn.

My team members are still talking about the model’

‘Tobias’ program and vision have helped me and my team to set clear goals and achieve the desired results. My team members are more motivated and are still talking about the model. Great how the examples given in the training also come back during the 1-on-1 sessions. Satisfied and recommending it to others!’

Thomas Bak, director and large shareholder

Achieving personal leadership

How it works

Why do some people attain initial succes and then burn out, quit or stagnate? And what allows others to be happy and achieve top-level results day-in-day-out?

The difference between these types of people is that the latter are able to use a combination of three types of behavior, while the former only use one or two.

It is our mission to teach people what these strategies, their benefits and weakness are. When all three strategies are combined, the strength of the one takes away the weakness of the other.

This creates what we call  personal leadership. It allows us to direct our careers, have better relationships and achieve our goals.

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The full program

The full stack program that helps you and your employees to achieve personal leadership and direct your careers, improve relationships and achieve goals. During five (online) group-sessions and five 1-on-1 coaching sessions you will learn all about the three strategies that allow for personal leadership and how to apply them to your goals.

The group course

You and your team (or mixed company group) will learn in 5 sessions what the three personal leadership strategies entail, how to recognize and switch between them. This will increase participant's the ability to advance on'e career, have better relationships and perform better.

The presentation

Go on a journey that shows you exactly how the three personal leadership strategies have helped people win national sports titles, improve their health and achieve astounding results in business and personal life. With examples from Tobias' life and tools to apply right away.

Tobias Mol works and has worked in different occasions with:

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About Tobias Mol

Tobias Mol (MSc) won 7 National titles, a European cup and World-bronze in the sport that’s all about balance; Judo.

At the time few of his competitors knew that he needed to balance something else outside the mat; His blood sugar level (Having been diagnosed with diabetes type-1 at the age of 2).

His experiences on the judomat, combined with a theoretical framework in organizational (BSc) and Management sciences (MSc) and field experience as a coach and trainer for organizations like Accenture and Yacht, have led to a broad understanding of personal leadership, health and performance. 

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