Inner balance brings calmness, clarity and motivation. This is what enables us to take the right actions and reach long-term performance and health.‘ 


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6×6 Program

The full stack program that helps you find balance, take the right decisions and love what you do. During six (online) group-sessions and six 1-on-1 coaching sessions you will receive maximum support to create inner-balance, performance and health.


The combination lock that enables top performers to stay on top and be healthy: A combination of three behaviors that create Inner-balance. Learn about the theory and get ready to apply the keys. With real life professional sports, illness and consultancy examples.

Performance and health

The link is clear. And they are both in your reach.

How it works

In today’s fast paced society where a lot of different things request our attention, it is our degree of inner-balance that determines how healthy and successful we are.

When we fail to find a balance between what’s important and what we’re doing or fail to achieve our goals, a tension that can lead to physical and mental stress arises. This can (eventually) take form as illness and burnouts but also as poor performance.

The most successful people, whether in sports, business or other, are able to look at themselves and their goals from a place of inner-balance and act accordingly. In order to do so, they use a combination of three original types of human behavior (archetypes), which have been translated in the HeartRoads inner-balance model.

The result: Sustainable top performance and health.

The inner-balance model


~I am determined, take action and fight for the best result


~ I use my intuition and technical abilities to be in the moment, connect and accept


~ I have an overview, am analytical and can distance myself in order to see things clearly

‘Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.

You must travel it by yourself.

It is not far. It is within reach.

Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.

Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land’

Walt Whitman

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This test will help you discover what kind of behavior is most prominent in your life

Let's go

My mission

Tobias Mol

Tobias Mol (MSc) won three National titles, a European cup and World-bronze in the sport that’s all about balance; Judo. At the time few of his competitors knew that he needed to balance something else outside the mat; His blood sugar level (Having been diagnosed with diabetes type-1 at the age of 2). After his competitive career Tobias has worked as a coach and consultant for organizations like Accenture and BMC-Yacht.

His experiences on and off the field have resulted in a model for inner-balance that helps us win at the things most important: Long term top-performance and health.

He has set out to heal himself physically and support people to win in life.

Reported benefits

Because the inner-balance model works on two levels, it is accessible, attractive and applicable for people who come from a wide range of backgrounds and with different perspectives.

The reported benefits of using the inner-balance model include:

  • Goal oriented and motivated employees
  • Sustainable employability, wellbeing and vitality
  • Working with calmness and the ability to handle change
  • Having a sense of overview
  • Engagement
  • Insight in own behaviors and their effect
  • The ability to see the best solution in different situations
  • Having the motivation to smash your goals

Time to start

HeartRoads offers four ways to promote long term performance and health. Each with a different approach and length. Send us a message to start the journey.

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