‘To provide for and protect your family. To laugh and be spontaneous. To love what you do and act with meaning. HeartRoads bring inner balance to your qualities and help you integrate them into your life. That is what coming home means.’

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The importance of coming home

Not doing what excites you, brings tension

Every man leads two lives. On the outside he lives as an accountant, construction worker or family man. He pays his tax, puts out the trash on Sunday evening and walks his dog. On the inside, he lives the dream of what he would like to be, who he really is and the life he knows is his potential.

The more a man desires to use his true potential, the stronger the battle between these two lives will be in him. A man who is in contact with what his mission really is will experience this struggle as frustration and anger. This will sometimes seem to stem from external events, but after self-examination it appears to be a real tension and guilt about not living our potential. Someone who does not know his mission will experience this struggle as emptiness, feeling “missing something” without knowing what and going through life as a “zombie” without true emotions, passions and decisiveness. This is reflected in, among other things, the connection that a man has with himself, his dealings with other men and women and the courage with which we act and are present with emotions of ourselves and others. We feel like we have lost ourselves

Inner balance by combining three tools

The manpower-model


~ I stand for my truth and take responsibility for my own happiness.


~ I dare to see who I really am, knowing that I can only move forward when I embrace myself.


~ I can take enough distance to enable myself to come closer.

‘Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.

You must travel it by yourself.

It is not far. It is within reach.

Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.

Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land’

Walt Whitman

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My path

Tobias Mol

Tobias Mol has won three times National Judo champions, a European cup and World bronze medal while taking insulin for Diabetes type 1 since the age of two.

After his competitive career he started to coach and train professionals in the area of performance management, engagement, personal leadership and development. He holds an MSc title in Management and has worked for organizations like Yacht and Accenture before focusing completely on the support of inner balance within men.

This is his journey.

‘On a spring day in 1996, the clock had just hit eleven o’clock, three boys from grade 3 of primary school de Montessori in Purmerend sat on a rug in the hallway. They had no punishment but were allowed to work on an assignment together. Two of them knew each other better and started singing a song; “Girls are stupid, lalalala.” The third one, he was then five years old, made a choice at that time; “I do participate, I don’t want to be alone anymore, it is too hard to be myself.”’

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