It is often thought that only when we’re ‘ready’ we can really start doing the things we want.

This ‘being ready’ is viewed as being everyday, everywhere and all the time according to the ultimate picture of ourselves in our head.

This goes for any type of topic. When we’re the ideal man, then we can be in a relationship. When we have a a certain social life, bank account or feel good all the time, then we are worthy of sharing and receiving love. Only then can we help others with our talents and start sharing our passion, so we assume.

The thing is, we can wait our whole life preparing to be ready. We take seminars, read books or go to a coach to get to that state of being. But all we are really doing is delaying one inevitable conclusion; We are only ever ready when we decide to be.

We can at any time align with the ideal in our head, by deciding we are it but at the same time need to accept our humanity as well. This is the duality we live in. We can be anything we want to be, but only when we accept that we are not. We need to learn to thrive no matter what happens, to share our gifts to the world no matter our circumstances. It will teach us to become free of them and thus be able to align ourselves with our ideal. We cannot cling to it, reach for it or get there by pushing other things away.

We live it by showing up fully to where we are, with acceptance, and sharing our talents, all while aligning oursleves with our highest ideal.

Are you ready?

Tobias Mol

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