During these weeks where people are working from home, everyone starts to look at their work differently: How they like it, what drives them and what they need to flourish. Hopefully we can welcome everyone back in a few weeks, but how do we ensure that everyone brings their full commitment and talents back to work?
During the crucial first weeks where people return to work, engagement and productivity can be ensured or lost. Below 3 tips on how you can help your people get back up to speed;
1. Allow plenty of time to discuss what has happened
2. Work both collectively and 1-on-1 on determining the best next steps and what’s needed to get the business up and running. Engagement is fostered by a shared sense of purpose and responsibility.
3. Accept that things may have changed; People have had the time to think about what they want and need. Chances are not everything is going to be as it used to. The truth; It does not have to. Support your people in what they know want and how they want to work. Chances are they work harder and more efficient because of it.
What’s the first thing you do when your colleagues return?
We offer back2workshops that will help your people to get started. Dm for info.
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