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How hard should you go?
As you know I’m steadily reducing the amount of insulin I use. Two months ago I used 20 units of a long-lasting, slow releasing insulin and a faster type of insulin daily (about 30-40 a day). Right now I use 16 of the slow-release insulin, which seems a like a small change but is a 20% drop.
Sometimes I want to go very fast and almost skip the fast type of insulin entirely at the same time. Which often backfires in high blood sugar levels.
The lesson: trust the process, tune in with yourself, go hard where possible but small process in the long run wins over quick sprints. For me acceptance (using the whale) and recognizing this pattern (owl) helps me here. My most prominent inner-balance archetype is the Lion, which always wants to go go go.
Picture after some dates and two bananas.
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