Thursday 6/2/20

After a short night with both relaxation and emotion I woke up with a (very) high blood sugar level this morning.

Normally I would wake up early, do my exercises, visualization, measure my blood sugar level and then eat. Today I started with breakfast and then measured after.

What are the main takeaways today?

Short night often result in higher blood sugar levels and how I mentally deal with feedback is how my body responds to food; If i retract when I receive critique, my body does too en does not produce the needed insulin.

From an inner-balance model perspective*, the Owl helps me become aware of this mechanism. And the Lion has to be redirected; from the action mode that distracts me from what i’m experiencing to sitting my ass down and choosing the feeling I would like to experience.

*See the Inner-Balance model for how this works.


Tobias Mol

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