Friday 07/02/2020

After a longer (7hrs) night of sleep I wake up and felt that my blood-sugar levels were good. This conclusion is based just as much on my mental attitude as on how I’m feeling physically. They always go hand in hand.

After checking (which I didn’t really have to) I found that my blood-sugar level was 7.7. This is very a good as my levels tended to be higher in the morning.

A few hours after I received news about a relative that passed away. We were not close and I encountered some beliefs as to how I should react in this occasion.

What are the main takeaways today:

Self-judgement is of nu use. Often it is not about what happened but just about finding a reason to judge yourself. The Whale helps you move from judgement to understanding*. Always go back to the feeling of who you are/want to be without trying to change emotions or stories. Just go to the feeling you want to have.

*See the Inner-Balance model for how this works


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