Monday 10/2/2020

This morning and tonight I had a high blood sugar level. I’ve noticed myself dealing with some emotions and being a bit rushed. As a result I took less (almost) no time to realign myself with how I want to live and relate to life. The high bloodsugar levels as a result.

What are the main takeaways of today:

It’s easiest to say something about the importance of keeping yourself aligned with what you want, but that’s not all that’s needed right now.

First and foremost I need to allow myself to have this moment, the realization of which as I’m writing this is helping a lot. And then I take some time to do my work. In this case the Whale and Owl work together; the owl sees what’s needed and the Whale helps embracing/accepting. Together they create room for the lion to act.*

*See the HeartRoads inner-balance model.


Tobias Mol

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