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Wednesday 12/2/20

An afternoon bloodsugar level of 11.7 may seem high but I was happily surprised given the circumstances;

1. Since a few weeks I took down my daily slow-releasing insuline intake (there are fast and slow releasing types of insulin). A month ago I was on 20 a day, now it’s 16. It doesn’t seem like a big difference but when I thought about it it’s actually a 20%! decrease.

2. I noticed that I had some resistance against seeing some people at a cremation this week. Resistance, when not seen in the bigger picture can lead to higher blood sugar levels.

What are the main takeaways:

The owl* has helped me refocus to what I want multiple times today. As a result, I have been more proactive in creating the life I want. This is reflected in my blood glucose levels.

*See the HeartRoads inner-balance model


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