In Holland it was announced today that ‘boomer’, used to describe someone from the babyboomer generation who has old-fashioned ideas and opinions, received the honourable title ‘word of the year’ 2019.

The word ‘boomer’ has often come across my LinkedIn feed this year and when it did, it was always used by someone from Generation-Z or a millennial (as am I).

What strikes me is that the generations who leave no stone unturned in order to not be labelled (i.g. concerning gender) and included (i.g. LGBT, women in the workforce) are using a negative stereotype like ‘boomer’.

It seems exemplary for the generation that I am a part of and the one that will have to direct the future of our society; To point to the other where one is treated wrongly and not take responsibility for ones own doing and results.

It’s easy of course, to mention where others do wrong and solely focus on that. It seems to take you off the hook and you almost forget that you have to do something yourself too.

And so victimhood is embraced and there are fights against things that seem unfair, some of which may be fair and others not. But they all have something in common; They aim for every individual to be named the same and get the same outcome (pronouns, wages, gender % except when it concerns roles that aren’t favoured). This as opposed to providing equal opportunities and let the outcome be determined by choices one makes, talent, effort and what more.

The one who stands out, who has another opinion as what this mainstream culture of victimhood allows, is scolded and labeled a dinosaur. Which is justified by saying that in order to create equality and equal opportunity, first certain measures have to be taken.

In reality all that is happening is that no one dares to say anything or does anything (everyone gets the same outcome anyway). And so we turn into a society of cowards.

It seems that the ones who use the word ‘boomer’ leave out an essential part that could tell them something about themselves: Baby.


Tobias Mol

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