When we are young, we experiment and find out what does and does not work for us. Based on the feedback we receive, we develop models of behavior that we apply to all sorts of situations. These models consist of the behaviors that have helped us to be successful in the past.
While these models of behavior can be helpful, they can also hinder us when we apply old models to new situations or overuse one type of behavior (when another type of action/behavior is more suitable for the situation at hand).
To be successful in the long run, we must look at our own behaviors and learn to apply the right models at the right time. One situation may require rapid action, another accepting and understanding and yet another one analyzing and thinking about the next move. To give an example; Let’s say you’re playing a football match. You don’t use the same gameplan when you start the game as when you are two goals behind or in front in the last ten minutes. In the same way we should apply different kinds of behavior to different situations in our lives.
That’s what the inner-balance model is helping you achieve; Applying a different kind of behavior and gameplan to different situations, using the most effective one each time, resulting in calmness and performance.
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