Being free is to be able to express yourself and do the things that are important. It sounds so simple and yet it is often complicated by ‘cannot-s’. How can we then, in the midst of all that’s happening in life, find out what freedom is to us?

Freedom is not an isolated concept. The question is; what you want to be free FROM or free FOR. This questions relates closely to happiness and purpose as well.

To be happy is to be free after all (or is it the other way around) and following our purpose we feel happy and free. Only the remarkable thing is that our purpose tends to revolve around a single concept or idea. And that we make most impact with this when we fully focus on it.

I could argue then that freedom is also the ability to choose our limitations, as focusing on one big purpose may exclude other things we might like to do. It is choosing what we want most, instead of keeping all our options open what gives us purpose. Real freedom is being happy in linking ourselves to something we really want. Jordan Peterson gave a great lecture that touches upon this subject as well, which I will share below.

So in order to be free, we have to deliberately choose our limitations. Because that is what gives us purpose and thus happiness.

And you may say; ‘I’m not free to choose anything I want because I had an overbearing father as child’ or ‘I can’t do everything because I have children now’. Some explanations may be based on old stories and others seem logical. But the thing is that it doesn’t really matter because as we’ve just established, being free is also about choosing our limitations. We just need an access point to determine what we want to pursue and limit ourselves for.

To start investigating this, I’m giving you a new weekly assignment. Ask yourself everyday of this week:

‘What would I do today if I knew that I was deeply loved?’

To love is to be free. To love yourself is to give yourself permission to choose and do what you really want. Not what other say or you may think you need to do. This can be staying with your children or finding a way of combining the care for them with some other topic.

No old stories or limitations. You want to focus yourself on what you choose without regret.

What are your experiences this week?

Let me know,


Link to the video of Jordan Peterson:

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