Do not follow your feelings, unless they lead you to where you want to go.

If I feel something right now and decide to follow up on it, that is to base my decisions and next steps on what this feeling is telling me, it is only natural that I will experience more of it. Because this feeling is the starting point and thus the road you’re travelling on.

This does not mean that going in the opposite direction of this road, deliberately going against what you’re feeling in order not to be influenced by it, will bring new things.

In this case you’re travelling the same road only backwards. You will experience and feel the same kind of things, only in a slowed down, heavier way because you’re rethinking old ideas, feelings and patterns.

Compare it to staying with a partner who doesn’t suit you (going against your feeling/travelling back) or leaving her only to find the same qualities you left her for in a another relationship (following your old feelings while moving forward).

A new way

A new road that does not link to any other you’ve walked before needs to be followed. And you do not need to find your entrance point. It is right here.

You decide, based on what you want and what feels right (what makes you happy, calm and energized thinking about it), who, what and where you want to be.

Did you know; Sometimes we’re too close to our feelings in order to see what kind of road we’re travelling. In the Manpower model the whale stand for acceptance and connection (with others but also with ones own feeling), but as we start applying this acceptance, it can be helpful to see the bigger picture and determine when to change paths. This is where the owl comes in and brings clarity with his sense of overview. More on the manpower model here.

To your homecoming,


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