Don’t wait for burnouts, retention or lack of engagement
All too often when I speak to HR managers and policy makers about corporate health and sustainable employability, they tell me they have ‘a lot in place to support their people’.
As the conversation progresses, I find out that what’s in place is most of the times a back-up system for when employees drop out sick or deal with mental issues (e.g. psychologists). All of which are interventions for when the damage has already been done. The employee has already left to another employer, is sick or unengaged.
Not everybody knows their own signs of fatigue, lack of enthusiasm or engagement. That means they want ask for help until their health and performance are already suffering. It’s better to prevent than cure by offering something for everyone, not only for those who either reach out for help by themselves (not everyone does) or are forced to when they burn out.
Preventing is better than curing. More on this and how the HeartRoads 6×6 program (6 online group-sessions, 6 coaching sessions) can do for your people? Send me a message.
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