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As someone who like to take a lot of responsibility for the things I feel, should and am doing, I have come to think about it’s implications for both my productivity and happiness.

While someone owning a goal, doing everything within their reach to attain it, can get tremendous results, that same person will often be less likely to ask for help from other. This begs the question; ‘Why does a big sense of responsibility seems to exclude vulnerability (I.e. asking for help)?’

Ownership is a vital part of being a healthy, embodied man. But it’s extreme, which entails taking ownership for things beyond your control (like how others are feeling, how everyone is doing, or even the results of the labours you put in) could tell us something about our openness, sense of self-worth and ability to connect with another.

It seems to me that the ones who take the most ownership, often for things that are not within their responsibility or control, do this as a way of protecting themselves. After all, if it’s up to me to make everything better, I can never be disappointed with or hurt by another.

If we peel this off even more, we can ask why we are so afraid to be hurt, that we’re willing to take this much on? Or are we trying to make up for something? Maybe a good topic for another post.

What are your thoughts on this?


Tobias Mol

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