What impact does your family-upbringing have on you today?

With the holidays coming up you are likely to find yourself spending more time being with or thinking about your family.

While it’s a season for celebration and togetherness, the last months of the year are often a time of reflection as well; What have you done during the last twelve months and are you happy with your life today.

The people who might play a role in answering these questions are your family. And not only in the way you interact with them today, but also by the ideas you hold from your childhood that form your everyday experience.

Let’s take the time this month to witness ourselves when we interact with or think about our family;

  • What feelings pop up?
  • What have they taught you?
  • What did they do well?
  • What could they have done better?
  • What experiences did you have that come up now?
  • What role do the things you have learned in your childhood play in your life today?

Do this for all of your closest family members. If you want to have a conversation with them about the answers to these questions, try to find the right moment for this. Maybe they are open to your views, maybe not, but all you can do and is required is to do what feels right to you and stand for that.

And remember, this exercise is not for you to legitimize own shitty behaviour or find excuses on why you did not achieve your goals this year. It is about understanding the beliefs you hold in order for you to align them with what you want.

When you identify what you want, you can start creating it.

Happy holidays and to your homecoming,


Tobias Mol

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