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Do you feel stretched between different areas of your life that all require attention? (Work, family, education, personal, health, friends).

We all know the feeling to some degree and can image the toll this kind of stress can take on our physical and mental health when sustained for a longer time.

But what if the same things happen inside of us? That is, when there is a battle between the different sides of our personality? We all have our go-to ways of handling situations, often taught or mirrored during childhood. These were the kind of behaviors that seemed to be most beneficial to us at the time (as opposed to other behaviors that were punished, resulted in withdrawal of friendships or lack of success). But that does not mean there aren’t other sides of us that want to come out en need to be integrated in order to use our full potential.

Inner-balance is about integrating the three fundamental behavioral traits in a healthy way, so that they can work together instead of pulling at you from different sides. And hey, they help you balance the outer areas in your life as well.

More on the inner-balance model? Click here.


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