The full program


The theory of the inner-balance model is successfully being applied during our 5×5 program and presentations for the public and private sector.  Did you know that our participants achieve an average of +25% on personal leadership?

Tailored content due to our inner-balance test

Each individual has a different primary inner-balance strategy and area for growth. That’s why HeartRoads tailors all it’s programs; All participants of the  program partake in 5 group sessions during which we will cover the theory and communication styles. Additionally,  each participant will receive 5 individual coaching sessions in which we zoom in on one or more of the three inner-balance strategies.

Which strategies this are depends on the outcome of the Inner-Balance test, which will show where the most room for improvement lies. The test can already be taken here.

Tailored content

Depending on the outcome of the inner-balance test we will focus on one or more of the pillars below. Wether this is action (Lion), overview (Owl) or connection (Whale). Together we achieve the desired results.


The program is as follows:

Session 1: Theory around the three strategies, their strengths, weaknesses and how to recognize them

First 1-on-1 coaching session

Session 2: Deep-dive in the Owl-strategy. How can we zoom out from our thoughts and emotions in order to see things clearly?

Second 1-on-1 coaching session

Session 3: Deep dive in the Whale-strategy. How can we accept ourselves, our situation and use our talents to move forward?

Third 1-on-1 coaching session

Session 4: Deep dive in the Lion-strategy. What does it mean to take responsibility and push through when things are hard?

Fourth 1-on-1 coaching session

Session 5: Connecting the dots. Combining the three strategies in order to take charge of your life.

Fifth 1-on-1 coaching session


The programs start every first Wednesday or Friday of the month.

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