The group-course


Just as the full program, only without the individual coaching

During the group-course, teams of 5-20 participants will learn the theoretical framework around inner-balance and personal leadership. In 5 sessions the three strategies of the inner-balance model will be covered and afterwards participants are ready to apply them to their life.


The program is as follows:

Session 1: Theory around the three strategies, their strengths, weaknesses and how to recognize them

Session 2: Deep-dive in the Owl-strategy. How can we zoom out from our thoughts and emotions in order to see things clearly?

Session 3: Deep dive in the Whale-strategy. How can we accept ourselves, our situation and use our talents to move forward?

Session 4: Deep dive in the Lion-strategy. What does it mean to take responsibility and push through when things are hard?

Sessions 5: Connecting the dots. Combining the three strategies in order to take charge of your life.


Group-courses start every first Wednesday or Friday of the month.

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