Six weeks ago I won a bronze medal at the Dutch Judo Championships. A hard fought one given the circumstances and competition.

The way a Judo tournament is set up is that you have multiple matches in one day with (usually) plenty of time in between to recover and prepare for the next one.

And so I before I entered the contest that won me the bronze medal, I had had two fights (one won, one last) already and was preparing for the final one of the day.

This preparation, next to the physical aspect of it, consists for me almost always in visualizing myself attaining the goal. In this case, winning the bronze medal.

I do this not by thinking about how I want to win that medal or why I want it, but by getting into the feeling of having already won it.

I look at the podium where the medals will he handed out and feel the way the wooden stand touches my feet as I am standing there being presented the medal. I feel the actual structure of the wood as I’m standing there. Then I’m being presented the medal and feel it’s weight, I trace the outline of the decorative lines with my finger.

I celebrate and think about the challenges I have overcome, how great it is to end this all with a medal. I feel the tiredness and relief, how I’m sitting on the mat while I know it’s done and have won. The emotion, the happiness and the way I react. This time sitting on my knees, grateful and happy.

And then the match starts.

That’s how we attract things in life, not by wishing for them but by being it. I where to have thought; ‘I want that medal’ or ‘I need that medal’, what I would have gotten would probably more of needing it and thus not getting it (the principle behind this as well).

This does not only work for sports but for all other aspects in life as well. Neville Goddard says;

‘To say ‘I will be’ is to declare I am not.’

Don’t say ‘I will resolve this’ or ‘I will heal’ for you will then think of yourself as a ‘resolver’ of problems and not as an enjoyer of the outcome you want.

What you claim and think yourself to be now, you will always be. Unless you claim yourself to be something else.


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