How to find your mission in life

You don’t get to choose what your purpose or mission is. Nor does your mission choose you.

What you’re here to do, that which makes you feel alive the most is not something outside of yourself.

Your mission and who you are, are one and the same. Created at the exact same moment in time, as a means of life to bring forth wholeness of itself. This wholeness is the open flow of life itself. The awareness of being, feeling, receiving, giving and sharing without hesitation or holding back.

And so your true desires, the problems that you may face and the answers that you seek in your own quest for happiness and wholeness, they are part of your mission.

It is your purpose to embody the answers to them, to become an epitome of the resolution. And so your mission is found in your daily life. And you fulfil it by giving to the world what you yourself need most.


Tobias Mol

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