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The only measurement of acceptance is presence. Everything else; fighting, not-fighting, rest, stress, running or standing still are all contents of this presence. The main question is: can we keep being present with this content?


The irony is that we are not what we are experiencing but the presence that is aware of it. But when we can’t be present with what we experience, i.e. because we don’t want to face uncomfortable or painful situation directly, we often seek hiding in other experiences to make us forget the uncomfortable ones. We never fully succeed, because deep down we are present of our own running and avoiding as well. And so the last thing we try is to forget our own presence. We forget that we are the observer and go outside ourselves, make an identity of ourselves in the external world (as Guy Ritchie put it). We say; ‘I am good at…’, ‘I am succesful’ but deep down feel insecure and false. And that feeling is quite right actually, because you are not that but much more.

We sell ourselves short in looking for other experiences, searching for relief in external events, people or states of mind because we know that in our real form (presence) we cannot hide from the things that block us.They literally become present.

Unpacking presents

We can however unpack these presents by having the courage to fully trust ourselves and our ability to deal with any situation. A celebration of life and who we are.

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