The HeartRoads Inner-Balance model

Let your primal behaviors work together for long-term performance and health.

Positive and negative sides

According to HeartRoads everyone is using, in different volumes, a combination of three primal behaviors in order to feel secure and be successful. These three behaviors are reflected in the way we view the world, how we interact with others and the actions we take.

By letting our primal behaviors work together we can make the best choices and take the best actions in any given moment. This results in a higher performance, more peace and vitality.

Each of these three primal behaviors has both positive and negative sides. By learning to combine and use all three behaviors, we can leverage the positive sides and keep the negative sides at bay. We have named each of these three behaviors after the animal is resembles most. It looks like this:

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Working on two levels

Applying the inner-balance model supports long-term performance and health on two different levels:

•Externally: The kind of goals we set, the ways we try to accomplish them, the behavior we are showing and how we interact with others.

• Internally: Why we do the things we do, the amount of peace and security we experience, our health and deeper motivation
Depending on the audience the courses can be focused around one or both levels.

This win-win approach looks like this:



Reported benefits

Because the inner-balance model works on two levels, it is accessible, attractive and applicable for people who come from a wide range of backgrounds and with different perspectives.

The reported benefits of using the inner-balance model include:

  • Goal oriented and motivated employees
  • Sustainable employability, wellbeing and vitality
  • Working with calmness and the ability to handle change (in or outside the working environment)
  • Having a sense of overview
  • Engagement
  • Insight in own behaviors and their effect
  • The ability to see the best solution in different situations
  • Having the motivation to smash your goals
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6×6 program

Work individually and in a group towards inner-balance. During six modules you will learn how to apply the three inner-balance archetypes in order to set goals, improve your performance and health.


The most success people leverage a combination of three types of behavior that keep them balanced. During this talk you learn how the inner-balance model can help you leverage these qualities and achieve sustainable performance and health.

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