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Next month I will be a keynote speaker at the 31st World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Social Sciences in Barcelona, Spain (27-28 of March).
Having combined top-level judo with managing diabetes, a business and education for almost 20 years I know what it means to have multiple things to focus on. In our society today we encounter something similar; we need to divide our attention between all things important. And often we feel like we’re coming up short on all of them, which can create tension and illness.
Instead of focusing on changing external circumstances, we should focus on the solution; using the full spectrum of our behavioral characteristics. During my keynote I will talk about the different sides we all have, what they mean and how they can work together in creating inner-balance.
This theoretical part will be integrated with my personal story on how balancing these characteristics has helped me win judo tournaments and how it’s helping me today; with the healing of diabetes.
#healing #health #diabetes #innerbalance #performance
Tobias Mol

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