Do you know the feeling that when you read a good book, something just clicks? The next day you wake up and your life has turned around completely; new job, better friends, happy life.

No? Me neither.

While information, especially when presented in the right way can be of tremendous value, we have to apply for it to make an actual difference.

Reading is not enough. Thinking is not enough (Talking isn’t either by the way). There comes a time when you have to put down the book and start doing.

And not only that. You have to make what you read your own*. Which means that you select what’s applicable to you, distill that information and modify into something that work’s for you. Both for the things you want to apply it on and the way your mind works.

And then the fun begins; Applying.

A click can happen by reading the right thing at the right time but without application we’re only just getting good at talking about things. Don’t make reading or gathering information an excuse to not apply what you know. There’s always something to learn, but after a time of reading you learn the most from doing and applying, seeing what works for you and then adjusting accordingly.


Did you know: We’re starting a new program in January that will help you create inner balance so that you can integrate courage, fun and meaning into your life. The program will consist of 4 do-it-yourself assignments each month and offers personal feedback to help to apply these exercises to your situation. It will be possible to sign up shortly. Want to know more? Send me an email or app (bottom right corner of your screen).

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