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The famous English philosopher and professor Alan Watts said that we don’t know what we want because we don’t know ourselves, and we never can.
By my own experience and looking at the people I talk to everyday, this statement is not (completely) true.
In order to know what we want, we must be in touch with ourselves but we do not have to be able to describe in every detail who we are. We must know what feels good and do more of that.
Implementing this
Easy, right? It can be, but it takes some practice when we’re not used to look at ourselves this way. The biggest challenge to things being easy is often our own tendency to make things harder and overthink. The antidote is to make this simple.
Looking at ourselves and life this way is accessing the Whale-archetype of the inner-balance model.
Want to know what inner-balance archetype you’re using? Take the test and find out.
Tobias Mol

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