Sometimes it is clear what we need to do; When we’re sick, we should rest. When we have a lot of work to do, we should plan and execute. When we make a promotion or achieve something, we should celebrate.
But most situations aren’t that obvious; We feel sick to a certain degree. Should we go home or grind it out? We achieve something, but is it big enough to celebrate? That coworker is a little rude, but is it bad enough to speak up?
These situations do not have definite answers and we cannot rely on the advice of others on what to do. We have to find out for ourselves, which can take a lot of energy and time if we do not use the right strategies. Believe me, I know.
The first step in creating clarity on what to do in these moments is getting to know yourself and your goals. You compare them to the situation and hand. And you use the Lion (action), Owl (analyzing) and Whale (feeling) both to decide what to do and to actually do it.
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