Of all our searches, the one for meaning and belonging (which also relates to love) seems to be most significant.

Let’s zoom in on these words and what they mean.

BElongING really is the longing to BE there where you belong. As it is an active form, it is the BEing itself that is emphasized.

MEanING is about the ME in BEING, the longing to be ME and the ability to put something of myself into the things I do. That’s what gives us meaning.

Only this longing to be me, knowing where I belong, is often directed in the wrong way. Because at one point in life, where I was, was seemingly not enough. And therefore we go outside to look for this meaning and belonging in accomplishments, people and above all the identity that we create around these things.

This identity becomes the new ‘me’ and my belonging to others is based on this externalized idea of myself. Of course, this creates all kinds of dependencies and insecurity since the things outside of us or logically out of our control. What if something happens and my identity get’s destroyed? Does that destroy me?

The key is to shift our sense of being away from the things outside, back to being who we are. To know and decide that we are enough and share that. That’s where we belong and what gives us meaning.


Tobias Mol

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