Tobias Mol (MSc) won three National titles, a European cup and World-bronze in the sport that’s all about balance; Judo. At the time few of his competitors knew that he needed to balance something else outside the mat; His blood sugar level (Having been diagnosed with diabetes type-1 at the age of 2). After his competitive career Tobias has worked as a coach and consultant for organizations like Accenture and BMC-Yacht. His experiences on and off the field have resulted in a model for inner-balance that helps us win at the things most important: Health and your personal goals.

The road to success and health looks different for everyone, but all ways contain the same elements.

Professional and personal

Tobias holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Strategic Human Resource Management. As an entrepreneur he has worked in the sports marketing sector before shifting his focus to inner balance, health and winning (goal achievement). As an entrepreneur and consultant, he has worked with and for multinationals like Liberty Global and Accenture but also smaller organizations and governments.

He is active as a speaker and mentor. Personally, he has set out to physically heal diabetes, a topic on which he shares regular updates via social media.


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