We can only have one of two outlooks in life; We react on our circumstances or we shape our world independent of what’s seems to happening in and around us.

The first option seems most logical, direct and is often most tempting. We see or feel something we do not like, and we try to change that. This can be either our own diet, the way we relate to our partner or the work we do. Working from this outlook on life we would make a plan to change what we eat, analyze our feelings or start looking for jobs. We set new years resolutions in order to improve our lives and create happiness.

Only the thing is, creating happiness this way does not work for two reasons;

  1. Change can only be made when we change our idea of ourselves. When we identify ourselves as someone who is in shape, we will do the things that someone who is in shape does. If we set the goal to be fit and thus that we have to workout 5 times a week, this will often only motivate us for a short period of time (new years resolution members in the gym). This is because you force something external (an idea or something you have to do; be fit/workout) on yourself instead of changing the idea of who you ar; Someone who is in shape.
  2. Second, and this relates to the above; When we look for outside circumstances to create happiness we are bound to fail. Just as our circumstances are not the cause of our (un)happiness, chasing different circumstances will not do a lot for our lives.

If we want a RESOLUTION, we need to RE-focus to the SOLUTION, that is change our idea of who we are and what our life looks like. We picture our life to be exactly how we want it to be and define ourselves as someone who is and has that already. We do not say; ‘I will change my circumstances next year’ or ‘I will go to the gym 5 times a week.’ We will feel; ‘I am ….(what you want to be)’ and ‘I am in shape’. The circumstances will follow based on the image you have of yourself.

More on this can also be found in the work of Neville Goddard.

HeartRoads offers a model that helps you identify what you want from three different angles. Want to know more? Let’s go.



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