The HeartRoads Personal Leadership Model (PLM)

Let your primal behaviors work together for long-term performance and health.

Strengths and weaknesses

According to HeartRoads everyone is using one of three primal strategies behaviors in order to feel secure and be successful. It is often due to some childhood trauma or earlier successful experiences that we start to overly use only one of the strategies and forget about the other two.  And while we may haveinitial success with only using one of them, in the long run it will hinder our growth, success and potential.

How this works

Each of the strategies we are talking about has both strengths and weaknesses. We may achieve some succes for a while using only one strategy, but eventually it’s weakness will limit your happiness and success. We have named each of these three behaviors after the animal is resembles most. It looks like this:

By learning to combine all three strategies, we can access the positive side of all strategies while reducing the negative.

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