There seems to be little to no debate about the way we should set our goals. They have to be ambitious, scare us al little and be exciting. Preferably divided into long and short objectives to deliver quick wins as well and most of all it is important that we keep ‘grinding’ to attain them. Sounds fair.

However, besides the actual goal-setting, it is at least as important ‘how’ we go about in trying to reach them. Our mindset our the energy by which we work on our goals determines our outcome just as much as the targets we set. Maybe even more so.

Alan Watts said about the secret of life:

‘ To be completely engaged with what you are doing, in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it’s play.’

When we go after our goals from a place of desperation, lack or stress we tend not to make the best decisions and see our options clearly.

The sense of seriousness about our goals can make it so that we see only one option of attaining them, while others may be much more efficient or fun. That is not even to speak about the ‘visualization’ and ‘attracting what yous end out’ part of it (I’ve covered this in previous posts).

So our goal then should be to prepare for with utter determination and precision that what we would like to accomplish all while being open to what happens in this moment and our attitude while doing this.

One way of doing this is by asking yourself; ‘How would I approach this situation if I knew for certain that I would attain my goal?’ The lightness that comes from that question is the attitude you need to work with an open mind and to be able to receive the desired outcome more easily.


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