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Key to sustainable top performance and results is the ability to look ahead and decide the next best move. But that is not the same as going in ‘survival’ mode in times of uncertainty.
A lot of organizations that have been preaching for years about their ‘people perspective’ say they are focusing on ‘the basics’ now. If that means cutting out all people development initiatives, it shows that you don’t have as much trust in people as the driver for success as you thought. Crisis and uncertainty really show our deepest convictions.

What to do

Do not throw away what you have spent years on creating when you don’t know what the market will do. Stay true to what you believe in. This doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s happening but to combine your vision (e.g. people and their development as the drivers of success) with opportunities that arise.
That’s how you purposefully create something instead of being tossed around by circumstances.
Final note: I do not mean to say that everybody should hire me for the inner-balance and performance support of their employees. It means that you should keep doing what you set out to do and support your people the best way you see fit.
Tobias Mol

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