The presentation


Tobias Mol is an experienced speaker who has inspired thousands people to take personal responsibility and leadership over their lives. During a 75-mins presentation Tobias will take the audience on a journey that shows the mental strategies he used in order to overcome diabetes type-1 (diagnosed at the age to two) to win seven national championships and World Bronze in Judo. And, how they themselves can apply them to take leadership over your life.

After being diagnosed with Diabetes type-1 at the age of two, there seemed little chance of Tobias excelling in any physical activity. But, instead of giving up his dream to become a Judo champion, he decided to take matters into his own hands and try different mental strategies in order to overcome his limitations and reach his goal. In the end he found the combination lock of three strategies that led him to Seven National titles, a European Cup and a bronze medal at the World Championships.

After he retired from professional Judo and went on another journey towards academic (MSc in Management) and organizational (Consultant for Accenture and Yacht) success, the strategies that he used to win in Judo proved to be just as effective in all other aspects of life. And that they help entrepreneurs, businessmen and people in organizations just as much as professional athletes in taking responsibility and leadership over their lives.

It was then when a new mission was born: To present these strategies to the world, so that all people can take ownership over their lives and fulfill their dreams.