In business it is common practice to look at what you’re doing from multiple angles. Only in (inter) personal relationships this is not the case. HeartRoads proposes a way for you to look at yourself and life from multiple angles, in order to act from inner balance and thus reap the best results.

When an entrepreneur or business consultant (I’ve been both for the last couple of years) looks at a business, he works from different angles. Where does the business want to go, what is the price of the offering, when is the time to go to market, what is the USP and what feedback is coming back are all part of deciding what the next best step is going to be.

This approach is being viewed as something that any sensible leader would apply. Only we leave it at that and do not apply this approach to other aspects of our lives.

A business and it’s environment is like our social world

When we look at our own social interactions we usually only go as far as ‘He said this’ and ‘She did that’. It’s action-reaction and then justification based; We react to what’s happening to us (often not based on a conscious decision) and then justify our reaction by what the other did to invoke this response or what circumstances made it necessary.

Of course any business would go bankrupt using this approach, as being reactive is allowing very little room for bringing in your own preferred way of dealing with situations and offering the best you can do. By being reactive we give power to outside forces instead of approaching life from our own talent and viewpoint.

Learn to apply multiple viewpoints to your own life

It is because we have not learned to look at ourselves for multiple angles that this action-reaction-justification routine occurs.

There are plenty of options in the personal development branche that give you a solution to finding happiness in everyday situations. Only they usually work form one angle too, and so we think we need to pick one approach; Mindfulness, grinding, training, accepting, yoga, science, etc. And we never seem to find a satisfying one, which makes sense because there is not one.

Not one, all encompassing approach that is. Just as in business we need a combination of multiple viewpoints to come to the right approach for any situation.

Inner balance therefore consists of knowing how to access multiple viewpoints within ourselves and when to apply them. At HeartRoads we identify three steps (Three A’s) in doing so;

  • Action
  • Analyzing
  • Acceptance

We need to be able to analyze ourselves and our situation without acceptance and judgement. Objectively, to clearly see how (internal) events are linked together and come to the right approach. We need to know when to stop analyzing and take action without hesitation. And we need to be able to accept ourselves, the choices we’ve made and their outcome.

Standing alone these three approaches have a little impact, but together they bring inner balance.

HeartRoads can help you apply them to your life in order for you the get the best results, in interpersonal relationships or the relationship you have with yourself.

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