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Should we ignore our feelings?

You might think:’Of course not!’ But, let’s pauze for a minute and think about it.

Not all emotions are the same. Some of them are sudden, strong or weak. Related to something that just happened or nothing at all. And others are related to what we want, what makes us happy and motivates us.

You can guess by now that some emotions are best ignored; they are like an old trigger and each time we can continue our day without acting on them they weaken. Others make us stronger when we act on them. These are the emotions and feelings that drive us to improve and help others.

Seeing the difference

The difference is clear but it can take practice to recognize them for what they are when they pop-up and take best step forward. The HeartRoads inner-balance archetype Owl allows us to look at ourselves and our situation from a place of distance and to keep an overview of what’s happening.

Learn to apply the Owl-archetype In each of our courses we teach how to use this archetype in order to stay calm and take the right actions. So that you reach your goals in the most effective and joyful way.

How do you ‘deal’ with your feelings?


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