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Superman and his suit

Have you seen the movie Man of Steel?
One of the things shown is that Superman and his suit were created at the same time. The suit waited years and years for Clark Kent to be ready. For it to fit him.
This holds a very strong message for us and our mission.
The moment we were born, a possibility was born with us. It is what our life is about and the only thing that will truly fulfill us. Only we often do not know where to look for it, or sometimes even that there is such a thing (suit) waiting for us.
It would be foolish to start looking for the suit as the ones we would find this wouldn’t fit us. It is our job to be(come) the person that fits the suit that’s waiting for us. Then the suit will form itself around us automatically.
Superman found his in a cave, which can be seen as a metaphor for inside of himself. Are you ready to look inside as well? To do so we use the qualities of the owl. But to find our mission another inner-balance archetype is key. Do you know which one?
Tobias Mol

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