Doing nothing is not easy. It’s impossible even, as we’re always something; walking, talking, thinking, sitting, reading, etc..

Still it’s called an art. Why? And why is it so important to master it?

The importance of knowing yourself in order to be happy, fulfilled and truly impactful can’t be stressed enough (And so I mention it regularly).

Only most people find it difficult to describe wo they are. How could you? You’re way too big to be put into words. But to know inside who you are and what’s important to you, that’s something different. It’s crucial.

Only there are now more opportunities for mental distraction than ever, so we need to keep or aim straight and be able to tune in to ourselves no matter if the circumstances are loud, silent or whatever.

The amount of distractions we face today are not only a challenge but also a blessing. They force us, now even more than a 1000 years ago, to work on our attention, to sharpen our knife of distinction between our surroundings and ourselves. So that we know who we are at all times.

And then we are able to recharge, fuel and prepare ourselves to go out into the world and make a difference. Doing nothing is in a way doing whatever you want, only from a place of knowing who you are inside.


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