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In order to be successful we need to be able to perform at a top-level AND be in the game for a longer period of time. But how?

As someone who has won three National Judo titles while dealing with diabetes type-1, I know a thing or two about the importance of health for performance.

How it works

When you’re not feeling well, you can’t perform at your best or keep it up. And next to the direct downside of poor performance this can cause a lack of motivation, stress and quitting as well.

The secret

The secret to sustainable health and performance is that they work both ways; Poor health leads to poor performance, but poor performance leads just as much to poor health. While the former is clear, the latter needs some explaining; When we perform less that we’re capable of, we often feel frustrated, restless and tired. The mental tension that comes from not using our potential actually leads to poor physical health, which in turn leads to more poor performance cause our energy is low. It is a negative spiral.

What to do

The way to break this negative spiral is to create inner-balance and increase your performance. By knowing how to look at yourself, the goals you set and the behaviors you employ in achieving them. The most successful people in business, sports and arts use a combination of three types of behavior in order to do facilitate long term performance and health. They are represented in the Heartroads inner-balance model and part of all our (online) courses and coaching.

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