This picture gives you an overview of the three archetypes that drive the way you feel, act and perform. We all tend to use one of these most, as it once helped us to be successful in the past.
In order to stay calm under pressure, look ahead with clarity and see the next best steps, we need to leverage all three of these archetypes. The positive side of one archetype takes out the negative side of the other. That’s what inner-balance is about.
Which one’s your go to type?
During the 6×6 program (6 online group-sessions, 6 individual coaching sessions) you will learn to use the best of all three archetypes and create more rest, focus and health in your life. After the program you will have a better understanding of what drives you, how to stay calm under any circumstance and work with determination.
As an organization you can already join signing up one participant. As an entrepreneur or individual you can join by yourself or in a group. Sessions are held every other Wednesday and Friday.
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