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Three keys keys for sticking to any plan (according to the inner-balance model)
1. Dare en do. This is the area of the Lion*. It’s where you dare to assume you can and have already accomplished what you want. It is going all in on what you want and pushing through when the signs don’t show any indication of success (yet).
2. Be aware (of your course). It’s easy to deviate from a plan when you don’t have a clear vision of where you’re going. But, once formulated or seen, we have to be continuously aware of ourselves as we’re progressing on our path. The Owl helps us compare our actions to what we want and realign accordingly.
3. Accept (what is). That means accepting where you have failed to meet your own high standard and realign to what you want. In order to do so, we need to release self-judgement which keeps our focus hostage and on the past. And acting based on the past is the root of path-dependency and old patterns to repeat themselves. Accept what has happened and what you experience, only not as something that is definitive or as an identity. Just stay open to what is while focusing on what you do want. To release, forgive and connect is the expertise of the Whale*
*See the HearRoads Inner-balance model. Want to know more?
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