It takes some skill to adapt to any new situation. Depending on your situation, the amount of skill it takes to adapt to the current working from home/closed shops way of living also depends on your life situation.
If you’re employed, it might require patience, time management and other skills to balance your work/life and get everything done. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re at a completely different level; You have to stay present, look ahead whilst not knowing how long these changes will take effect.

Three questions

I recommend to base your actions on three pillars:
– What does your gut say about what you want to be doing anyway? (Without any regards to your current situation)
– In what way can the things that you are able to now bring you closer to that? (and doing what’s necessary to get food on the table is a part of that)
– What do you have to implement and what actions do you have to take to make this work?
These three questions are based on the HeartRoads inner-balance model.
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