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Not while you’re at work, at home or at the gym. In general. Which goal would you like to work towards most?

We recommend looking at this goal from the three perspectives of the inner-balance model:

– The Owl: What does this goal look like and how is it related to other aspects of my life? Can I integrate it?

– The Whale: Which of my talent can I leverage in order to reach my goal and who should I involve/connect with?

– The Lion: Which actions will I take and how will I make sure they lead to the desired result?

The inner-balance model does not only help you formulate the goal. It supports you on the way of achieving it as well; the Owl helps you to maintain a sense of overview, the Whale keeps you connected to what it is you really want and using your talent and the Lion makes sure you don’t slip.

Do you want to leverage the inner-balance model to determine and reach your goals?

Contact us and we’ll schedule a call to discuss the possibilities.



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