It’s 7 pm and you’re watching the news. A new update on the virus and it’s implications comes up. You think back about your day and all that was talked about is the Corona crisis.
How do you stay positive and still set goals during these times?
For one we should drop the idea that our goals should reflect the current state of affairs around us. If we relate our dreams and worldview to sickness and restriction, we are not able to see the best solutions and steps to take.
When setting your goals, leave the whole crisis out of it. Act as if it wasn’t there. In execution you do your thing to be safe and healthy. Those are the right steps towards the goal. But in the process of goalsetting itself, you leave the circumstances out of it.
Did you know that goalsetting and looking forward to the future is key in staying healthy and positive? It’s what Victor Frankl related to when he talked about hope; without it we are more prone to illness. By staying centered and trusting (in ourselves) we can make the right decisions and look forward to the future. Let me know what goals you have set for the coming months and year(s).
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